SSC Course @ vanik

Vanik has a dedicated unit for providing SSC Coaching . We have always believed in providing specialized classes catering to the specific need of the exam.

SSC Exams have some fundamental differences from other competetive exams like IBPS, LIC etc. Some of the differences are -

1. SSC Exams usually contain 4 sections - Maths, Reasoning, English and General Studies (while bank exams have one addional section on computer knowledge).
2. SSC Exams have General Studies as a section - which includes - History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Sience, Biology etc. This section is very vast and is not present in other competetive exams generally.
3. There are many topics which have been included in SSC Maths paper recently - like Trigonometry, Geometry Algebra ect. They are relatively difficult topic and usually does not come in other competetive exams.
4. Level of difficulty in Maths portion is generally higher than Bank Exams.

Keeping in mind, the above differences (between banking and SSC), we have made a dedicated unit for providing SSC Coaching .