Director Messages


“I consider this institution as a medium of profound learning with aspirants having experience of studying in a controlled and healthy competitive environment. I believe that in order to clear any defence exam, focused time-schedule and an open minded approach of seeking various tips and tricks and knowing the inside of an exam is a must.”

“It is true to the fact that one simply cannot achieve all the things require to clear any defence exam or in other words, the dexterity or skill required to crack any level of examination cannot be automatically acquired.”

“The level of the competitive exams has attained a profound increase lately and because of that, aspirants today are becoming more and more aware of the latest happenings and the latest trend of the exam pattern. My advice to those who are somehow novice in all these things is to be aware and never be afraid of any of the formats of the defence examination.”

“Remember, it is you who had chosen this path. I must tell you that this journey will be tiresome and enduring, but the determined always excels. All can be achieved, only if you are honest to your studies, teachers and most of all yourself.”

Mrs. Subrat Kumar Chhatoi
(Managing Director) @ Vanik